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Our First Placement

On June 25th, we welcomed our first foster placement into our home. Within a few minutes, we became responsible for not one, but TWO little girls! To say our lives changed in an instant is an understatement, and we have definitely felt the weight of this responsibility these past few days.

The girls are feeling right at home. We’ve established some routines (although bed time is still ROUGH 😅), we’ve set some rules, and we’ve had a lot of fun. We have also had to answer some tough questions. Little girls shouldn’t know what foster care is, but these two are well aware (they were in care for months before they landed with us).

We also received the bittersweet news that our 3-6 month long placement is actually only going to stay with us for a week. We already love them, and I think it’s safe to say that the love is mutual. Both of their faces light up when we pick them up from daycare, the little one demands our cuddles as soon as she wakes up, and the older one calls our house “the fun house”.

The girls spent the weekend with their mom, and the plan is for them to go home for good later on this week. We are sad for ourselves, but beyond happy for the girls and their mom.

We will miss them a lot, and I think they will miss us. Please send them good vibes as they transition back into their mom’s home after some time away.

And send Michael and I lots and lots of love because we may have only had them for a week, but we love these girls a lot. We are forever going to miss them, but it’s time to prepare our home for our next placement ♥️

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