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A Day in the Life: Foster Mom Edition

I've committed to sharing more of my foster care journey. While we are not currently open for a new foster care placement, fostering is something I am so passionate about. Below is a Throwback Thursday post, which details a small snippet of what my days were like as a foster mother. My phone vibrates. It’s… Continue reading A Day in the Life: Foster Mom Edition


Where Was I?

Hi friends—long time no chat. Last year, I stepped back from my blog. Truthfully, I stayed off of social media in general. I was struggling with life at the beginning of last year, then the world fell apart in March, my pregnancy took unexpected turns in May, and my baby was born in October. 2020… Continue reading Where Was I?

foster care

So I cry

9pm- We hear you cough. It’s too early for your typical midnight wake up.  A few moments pass, and the tears begin. We go in to check on you. You’re still asleep, but you’re crying. Tears flow and your body jerks, but you’re unaware of our presence. You’re stuck in a nightmare.  Do we let… Continue reading So I cry